Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Mom's Jealous

Alrighty peeps this is going to be nice and short because we have a dinner appointment in 40 minutes! We spent the morning playing soccer with the Elders and got carried away. Gotta love when the neighbor kids come and join in. These little 9 and 10 year kids showing us up! They know we are just silly little Americans who do not know what we are doing apparently! There was a ginger, maybe 10 years old, had the mouth of a sailor and trash talking like no mans business! Oh he made me so made... but what can I do? Nothing. But anywho it was a blast, and every time I get to touch the ball I am on cloud 9. Because there are just so many fields, and they are not that big I mostly play forward.... getting pretty good! :P 

This week was good... it flew by. Spent a ton of time with Charlie. Gotta love that girl. Always a party. She came with to the Branch Youth Fireside at Joyce & Ricks. We met up and worked on Personal Progress.... I miss Young Women's. Charlie is truly progressing and since I met her 8 weeks ago she has grown and changed. The light in her eyes is burning again. Heavenly Father truly has a plan for her and she is so in tune with the spirit.. this week she wrote me a card and it was exactly what I needed. My mission and life has prepared me to come here to Lelystad and be with her. Had a mini photo shoot with ehr!

Went to Valerie's... we were late and her house was crazy with her kids and their friends. She was trying to make dinner. You could just see she was on edge, and I just wanted to help[ her in anyway I could. After what felt like 10 minutes 40 minutes had passed, I looked at my watch and we were already late for our next appointment!! I pulled my Book of Mormon out and find something to share, wince now we did not have time to do our lesson. I flipped through and nothing was coming to mind. Then I stumbled on Ether 4 and well it had more colored markings so I picked that. We read it and it is a mooie chapter but so random. I was trying to think of how to make this relatable to her. But as soon as we were done, with tears in her eyes she looked lighter. She told us that she needed that, it meant a lot to her. Valerie went on to explain how  things have been absolutely nuts (we have not had an appointment with her in a month!!) and even that day a man was over to help her with paperwork. And we came over and brought something good to her, to her home. She felt happier and stronger. She then went on to even talk about coming to church herself with the kids! Which was always something she hesitated with. Thanks for the Spirit and Heavenly Father knowing his children. I am only a messenger. Sometimes time is the answer and they will realize the light when they have been in the dark.
Also she said next time we meet she will have a gift for me... an African Shirt! Oh I am so excited!! 

Okay mom... you are gonna be jealous! Last night we had GYOZA!!! And I made it!! We have a Japanese wife (her family is currently here) in the Branch. Their family is super quiet. I was talking to her about living in Japan and then invited us over. She taught us how to make gyoza last night and some other tofu and meat thing. All SUPER YUMMY!! Their house was very clean and orderly... lots of Tupperware and small little boxes. Just sat and reminisced on the days in Japan. SO now I know how to make them... will make them when I come home!! 

SO this is for my parents... no time so big email: My new glasses come in this week. 
Weather is turning into spring! More light hours in the day! Yay dark is going away! Good luck Maddy with softball tryouts! 

Love you guys... Sorry this was a super lame e,mail! Peace out Girl Scout! Also it is Cookie sales... buy cookies form the cutest scouts.. Madison and Mylie... also donations to the former scout in Nederland are also acceptable!!

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