Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Voor Jezus!

To the good people whom I call my friends, Hello from a cold and wet missionary! I hope that this email finds you in good spirits and warm & dry bodies... be thankful for the cars you have. Gotta love biking all day in the icy cold wannabe snow rain. Now if you want a good work out, one that will get your heart pumping and legs burning, get on a bike. Bike in the icy rain, and against the wind. Now be sure that you go over every bridge possible to get to your destination and not to mention leave exactly at the time that you are supposed to be at the Branch President;s house, who lives on the other side of town. That will give you the motivation to bike as fast as you can. If you get to the house (or whatever your destination) in sweat and out of breath and in half the time it normally takes to bike there, you are now qualified and are successful! Best work out there is on a mission. So obviously that comes from actual events that occurred in Lelystad. These soccer legs are still good for something! haha But that is just a glimpse into the craziness which took place this week. Now if you are missionary or former missionary you will understand. There is not a single day that goes according to plan. There is always something getting switched, canceled, mistakes, missed buses or trains, obstacles, and simply the fact you might have fallen asleep while planning and therefore you did not plan accordingly. If I am the only one, then please by all means what is the trick? If you get a day that goes perfectly the way you planned, you just might be a more valiant missionary. If so, again, whats the secret? This week was a testimony of that... several days, if not everyday this week the day ended, Jensen and I look at each other and ask "Well, another day in Lelystad i guess..." For those of you unfamiliar with this little corner of the world... in the words of it's own inhabitants Cobie: "Lelystad is the psych ward of Nederland!" Joyce: "Lelystad is the poorest city in Nederland. It is official as of December 2015." Me: "ahh... that explains all the hoodrats!" Now this is a very special place, and so that is why i think the Lord sent me here. A special psycho of a missionary in the perfect place.. I see what you did President! So with that, our branch had a Valentines activity. It was a Cake Bake off.... people came with cakes and we enjoyed! Then voted... it was a whole lovey dovey valentines theme. But the cakes were delicious!! Very different than cakes in 'Murica. However, so many of the members came with friends. So that was a huge success! Now we baked a cake too... the plan was to decorate it to look like a Book of Mormon... typical missionaries. Yet, we are poor missionaries, hence serving in the poorest city, and with no cake decorating skills. It was a TOTAL FAIL! So as you will see in the photos below, that was the outcome. No wonder people think the Mormons are crazy. Note to the wise and also other missionaries, future missionaries... sword fighting while biking is not the smartest idea. Now if you try to record it at the same, also not super smart! Just think about that... Okay, now as a missionary I have this duty... I mean opportunity to share spiritual things. The highlight of my week. Now for those of you who may read my weekly emails, have read how hardit has been. I am just a struggle bus of a missionary and person. I do my best! Well for a while it has been hard to just simply feel a moment of peace, that my brain is at rest. On Tuesday morning, I woke up, worked out and started to get ready for the day. It was like a switch and had such a bright hope and motivation for the day. Ready for a full day of work. Started personal study, ready in the Doctrine & Covenants and it was about the book of Revelations in the bible. Asking questions and getting answers about the second coming. Going right over my head... weet ik veel! I finished the section, not really getting anything out of it, but ready to read and study more. But all of a sudden, nothing was coming to my head. Niks... what to study? I was listening to music and it was beautiful instrumental music floating in the air. I was asking Heavenly Father what to study. Give me a direction. Still nothing came... nothing was in my head. Then all of a sudden this voice came and said "Just be still. Do you feel that? I am giving you this time to be at peace." I all of a sudden realized what I was feeling. I realized that I had this feeling as if I was in the temple. There were no distractions, or fleeting, stressful, million thoughts floating. It was me, the Lord and music. So I grabbed my music, a blanket and sat on the porch. Just enjoyed this piece of heaven the Lord was giving me. With that, I just want to encourage you all to find a moment this week to feel at peace. Ask the Lord and most importantly allow him to take your weaknesses, worries, and stresses away. Even if for but a moment. Pray to him, feel him in your presence. I promise he will come as you go to Him. "Be still and know that I am God." I am thankful for a Father in Heaven, who knows me perfectly, and knows when to reach out. To humble me and I am thankful to recognize those moments. i love you all... so thankful for the letters and emails. It means so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! -- Zuster Young
Also cupcake decorating on Valentine's day!
Bowling for Sister Jensen's birthday!

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