Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, April 27, 2015

It was never easy for Him

Well good morning... I know it has only been 5 days but its P-day for us again! Holland has a holiday on Monday- Koningsdag. And we are to do as much proselyting as possible. So today we have P-day and wont have it till the following Monday. But anywho these last couple of days have been great. I am exhausted! You go to bed on time but you wake up the next morning still tired. You know you're a missionary when the kneeling position for praying becomes comfortable enough to fall asleep. I remember when I first got out here and Zr. Jones would tell me that and other missionaries would talk about falling asleep during personal prayers...I've reached that point! But I guess that is a good things and we are out working. We are pulling good proselyting numbers (President Robinson created a project "Wrinkle in Time"to increase numbers and productivity) so we keep track of our proselyting hours everyday. On Tuesday we got six and half hours alone! It's been hard, I'll be honest... lately appointments fall through so we have to come up with a new plan. Most of the time we are knocking doors. Again it has been hard and discouraging... People open the door and once we say who we are they either laugh, stop us, shew us away, slam the door or all the above. We put what we hold dear and special to us out on the line and people throw it back in your face. We looked up a less active and she was surprised to see us at her door. After a few awkward minutes she let us in. She explained to us that she wants nothing to do with the church. She even served a mission in England! As she talked and explained why, she proceeded to tell us that she is getting a divorce, she has no work, and because she went on a mission did not finish school. Which she made very clear that she felt her mission was a waste of her time and wished she stayed here to study. We bore a short testimony and asked her if we could say a prayer before we left. She laughed in our face and said in English "I don't do cheesy". What does that even mean? I don't know. But that was a testimony builder to me that your life falls apart once your choose to walk away from the gospel. You literally lose a light once you remove the foundation. Which foundation should be Jesus Christ. Later that night we had a dinner appointment, and by this point it was a long day full of walking, slammed doors, etc. I was exhausted and having a hard time understanding the conversation, feeling beat and then a little tender mercy. There was music playing in the background and BAGPIPES started playing. I felt the spirit tell me that everything will be okay, Heavenly Father loves me and sees my efforts. That my family loves me and supports me. So shoutout to the Clan! Yesterday was very interesting. We had a lesson with an investigator from Portugal... well she pretty much just taught us. She is a christian woman, who doesn't really like her current church but her husband is the head hancho man so that is where it gets pretty tricky. But anywho we talked about the word of wisdom, the godhead, the symbolism of hair, and then the devil. We were there fro 2 hours and by the end she went right into a prayer and we think she healed us and blessed us. It was kinda funny because we really didn't know what was going on. She is a super sweet woman and really sincere. Just wants to know the truth, just need to figure out to teach her. Lastly, last night we had an appointment with another investigator, Celia. She loves to study and has been studying the scriptures, the pamphlets we gave her and on her own has been watching General Conference! My jaw dropped... Just blows my mind that there are people who are ready for the gospel in their lives, how close they are and how much Heavenly Father is working with his children, individually, who are seeking him. It is moments like these, and these lessons that make all the slammed doors worth it. The people are why we are here. I love being a missionary. It was never easy for Christ, so why would it be easy for me? I love you all and you are in my prayers. Leifs, Zuster Young

 P.S. 1 Corinthians 11:15 the reason I love my long hair and will never cut it! -- Zuster Young

** 1 Corinthians 11:15 https://www.lds.org/scriptures/nt/1-cor/11?lang=eng

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Start of Something New

Goed Morgen! Well I just don't know where to even begin with this e-mail! Last week I said "See you Later's" to Antwerpen. I really am going to miss that place and more specifically the people. Getting to work with and know so many people, they just take your heart. And Antwerpen definitely has my heart. But I know that is is time to move on, the Lord has a plan and now I am in Gouda. Last few days in Antwerpen: The last few days were crazy, going from appointments and all over the place. Went and saw Lynn, oh man that chick is amazing! Heavenly Father is truly working with her in her life. We also had a dinner appointment with Steffanny, from the ward. It was the best! WE sang a ton and ate FuFu! I hope she posted the videos. District Meeting on Tuesday was the most spiritual DM I've had so far. We just did a mini testimony meeting and then focused on spiritual gifts. Then sat around and told each other other peoples spiritual gifts. It truly was powerful, something that I definitely needed to hear before moving on. Then that night was a lesson with Ann. Again, she made us Thai food and made it all fancy because it was my last night. She is a sweetheart. The lesson was powerful and the spirit was so strong. I am thankful for the chance I had to be in Antwerpen, make the friends and relationships that I have now. I have learned so much from them, I hope I was able to help them in a way on their journey towards Christ. GOUDA- This town is absolutely gorgeous. As soon as we got back (which Transfer Day is nuts! Train stations are swarming with missionaries!) we dropped my luggage off, and went out to work. I am now in Nederland so guess what... BIKES! I am back on my bike, just cruising all over the place. We have been working hard, unfortunately about 90% of our appointments have fallen through so we have done a ton of door knocking. Yesterday we sat down and made a "Gouda Game Plan". So this project and game plan goes into effect this week. I am pumped. My new companion is Zr. Fredrickson, she is hilarious and a wonderful missionary. We get along great... its going to be a fun transfer. At church yesterday, there is a new family in the ward, went up and talked with them. The wife is from Germany.... and LOVES soccer. So we talked about that for 30 minutes and her husband had to come stop us. It was hilarious, he was joking saying this is going to be trouble with how fast we clicked. haha But this ward is wonderful. Small and friendly. I am really excited to just have a new start. I love you all, miss you dearly. Take care and know you are in my prayers. Liefs, Zuster Young P.S. We will have P-day again on Saturday b/c next Monday is Kings Day. Big holiday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Transfer Dinner with Sister Renner

Had an awesome surprise today. A sweet Sister Renner hosted a dinner for the missionaries in Antwerpen for transfers. Traditional food from Ghana. Got to see a fun few pictures and watch a couple short videos of Zuster Young sing. LOVED this! Tender mercies to get a small glimpse of her this week.

Temples, Tulips and Transfers

Goede Morgen! Ik hoop dat alles is goed met jullie. Deze week was heel mooi! Three highlights of the week: 1-TEMPLE CONFERENCE...Wednesday we got to go to the Den Haag Temple and it was the most beautiful experience of my mission so far. As soon as you walk into the temple you get hit with the spirit, a warm calm and peaceful feeling. Because the temple is so small they do not have a chapel so we waited in the Sealing room. I walked in and just got teary eyed. Water works going even before the session even started. The session was all in Dutch and it was incredible. I understand about 90% of it. Zr. Robinson was waiting for us was we walked into the room and gave us a hug as we came through. I don't remember what she told me but I do remember her saying "I love you". I have never felt closer to the Savior and Heavenly Father. Taking a few minutes to sit and think. Just a breathtakingly beautiful experience. I was so happy and smiling from ear to ear. 2-KEUKENHOF... After the temple we went to the Tulip Festival. It was gorgeous. So many flowers and we got a ton of pictures. Nederland is beautiful. 3- TRANSFERS...Well the time has come and I am leaving my baby city...Leaving Antwerpen and heading up to Gouda, Nederland. Yep....home of the cheese! I am so very excited to see what the Lord has in store for me. My new companion is Zr. Fredrickson, and she is the Sister Training Leader so I am still an STL Companion. haha It will be fun. I am definitely going to miss Belgium. Well that is my week, went by so fast. THis whole transfer went by in a blink of an eye. I pray for you all and hope you are doing good. I know that the Temple is the house of the Lord. He knows each of us individally. He loves us, we are never alone and forgotten. Just get on your knees and pray to Him. He will answer. I love you all. -- Zuster Young

Monday, April 6, 2015

A few additional pics from Zuster Young this week.

Cows & Testimony Builders

Hallo! Just another eventful week over here! First I hope you all had a glorious week and had the chance to watch or listen to General Conference. General Conference was outstanding..but I'll get to that later. Can you believe that it is April already? Yeah I can't! Still really cold.. we have teaser days where it is warm and sunny but then the next day it is right back to being cold and rainy. Spring is coming and it will stay soon. Fingers crossed. Alright so about this week: 1- last Monday we went to Gent, Belgium. It was absolutely gorgeous! We visited the Cathedrals and the Castle. Simply beautiful. I feel so lucky to be here and see this part of the world. 2-Zoetermeer! Spent the night in Zoetermeer Thursday and then got to work all day Friday with Zr. Faa while our companions were at Mission Leader Council. Which was just a blast. Friday morning we went to a recent convert's farm and worked. Got to work with the cows and lambs. Shoveling hay, cleaning out stalls, got the back of my pants bit by a sheep while trying to feed them...just living the farm life. I really enjoyed it. Plus I got to wear jeans! That afternoon Zr. Faa took me to the temple. As we rode around the corner the temple just appeared.. it was beautiful and breathtaking. I was may or may not have shed a tear or two.There is a park bench directly across the street from the temple so we went and sat down. We get to go to the temple this Wednesday for Temple Conference, but it was very nice to just sit, admire and soak in the spirit. We talked for a bit, it was much needed and very comforting. Our missions have not been anything like what we expected. They are hard and full of challenges. Yet, it has been far greater than what I could have ever imagined. As we sat and talked about everything, I felt the Savior with us...in between us with His arms around me and giving comfort because I am doing everything I can. All my worries and fears were hushed. On that park bench. Across the Temple. In Nederland. Ah! I can't wait to go in the temple this week! 3- Susan Tuffins- This is a less active in the ward who randomly called us, asked to meet with us, and of course we agreed. I have heard a lot about this woman, been asked about her, never met her, and she has been to church a few times but no one points her out to me and she always has left after sacrament if she comes. So I was anxious to meet with her. So Thursday afternoon we get to this janky apartment building, almost get stuck in the elevator. Susan answers the door and all I see is a VERY PINK house and she is drinking from a juice box. Immediately I knew that we were walking into an appointment that I will never forget. We started by getting to know each other and it was awkward. We said a prayer and as soon as that was done she went on to inform us that she does not consider herself a "Mormon". Went on about her own beliefs and problems with the church. Says she loves Christ, but feels like Christ is missing in our Church. Which kind of confused me... but anyway she told us to go ahead and share whatever spiritual message we came prepared to share. We shared 3 Nephi 11 when Christ comes to the Americas and invites the people to come up one by one. Afterwards she just threw what we said out the window and went back to complaining and expressing her problems. I straight up asked her why she called us to meet, and her response was "I don't know". I sat across from a woman who was denying all that she once knew, denying the church, the gospel, denying the Book of Mormon and telling us we were wrong, and that hurt. I was incredibly hurt. I will be honest, I was in tears. In that moment I knew that we had to defend Jesus the Christ. Zr. Thomas bore a beautiful and powerful testimony, and then I followed. I didn't know what to say but the spirit was the strongest I have ever felt it and I simply opened my mouth and said, "I know that Jesus is the Christ, he is my Saviour, my Redeemer and my Friend. He lives." There wasn't much I could say to "change" her feelings, she has closed herself off but I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I am to defend and testify of Him. She continued to throw all we had to say back against us and to the side, and I can't even describe how much that hurt. Yet, at the same time I was full of the spirit. I know that this is the true church, I can NOT deny that. I can not deny my Savior and I never will. 4- General Conference- Okay I don't know about you but this is by far my favorite General Conference. It is like the Superbowl for missionaries. All of the talks were incredible, so very inspired. There was something different, I don't know if it is because I am a missionary and so I am watching with different eyes and hearing with different ears. But it was so very powerful. I received answers to prayers and their words brought comfort. I love how personal general conference can be and as you tune into the spirit the Lord will tell you everything you need to know and what he wants you to know. From conference I was reassured that, I am not my past. "I do not shame to tell you who I was, because so sweet is my conversion." Once you have repented, the Lord remembers them no more. A scar will remain, but that is to remind you of the lesson you learned and the love of the Savior becuase he has healed you. The Savior knows me and loves me. I am enough and give everything I have to this work. All I want in this life is to make my fathers proud of me. My Earthly Father-The Yeti- and my Heavenly Father. I have not fallen because my own father loves and supports me. Just like the Savior, my dad holds on to me that I may not fall. I have not fallen because of their love and steady arms. I thought a lot about you dad, and the hymn "He lives to silence all of my fears, He lives to wipe away my tears" I thought of you. I love and admire my father, my Savior and my Heavenly Father. Also, there was A LOT of talk about marriage and it was powerful and inspiring.. I look forward to that but oh my lanta i am not ready for that. haha I hope you all enjoyed it just as much as I did. Well there ya go. Transfer calls are next Sunday and I have a feeling I will be getting transferred. So we will see what happens. I miss you and love you all dearly. Have a beautiful week! -- Zuster Young
**The following was taken from Zuster Faa's blog: https://zusterfaa.wordpress.com "POOPER SCOOPERS– Wouter’s with Zr Young!! Zr Riley and Zr Thomas went to the Mission Home for a leadership training, so Zr Young and I spent the whole day in Zoetermeer! What a blessing that sister is to me:) We woke up and went straight to Wouter’s farm and helped with the cows! But, instead of working directly with the cows, we were the designated pooper scoopers! Bahahaha! Zr Young got a photo of us standing in ankle-deep cow poop, so you’ll have to find it on her blog haha. Man, so much fun. I bought a small loud speaker and turned on my ipod and we were serenaded with hymns while shoveling poop and poop-covered straw into a wheel burrow. Lovely day. Then we went back to the apartment and showered and studied and went to Bagels & Beans for lunch, then finished our lunch break on a bench across from the Temple:) We contacted people, almost taught a lesson, and went to the cutest most dangerous children’s book store in Holland. I spent some money…:) haha. It was a much needed, very good day."