Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For the Love the Game

Goed morgen iederen! I hope y'all are doing good. This has been a simple week for me over here in. I got sick again and spent a good portion of the week at the apartment, but don't worry all is good and I'm alive and kicking it. So a couple funny things to happen this week: 1-Tuesday Night...I ate horse for dinner...I will be honest it was good but it was also sad because well I just kept thinking about it. 2-Also on Tuesday... I debated about sharing this, but I walked into a sign! haha I was on exchanges in Lokeren and Zr. Jones kept talking and I was just walking and listening not really paying attention, my head was down and then BAM! There was a sign. Oh my lanta it was the funniest thing ever, I couldn't stop laughing and Zr. Jones was all freaking out asking if I was okay and I was just laughing. Wish it was caught on film! 3- I don't know how this keeps happening but Zr. Thomas and I have been asked to join the ward choir group thing for the Easter Program. So now we have practices for singing. I know its because she can sing and so don't make the companion feel left out. haha I just think its funny I keep getting roped into singing things This week we had Zone Training and it was absolutely incredible. The focus was on receiving the Holy Ghost and becoming the Lord's friend. Just from beginning to end the spirit was strong and powerful. I learned so much and I just needed what was taught and more importantly felt there. Elder Warner, a District Leader from Genk gave one of the breakout classes and man that just got to me and I was in tears. The biggest thing I learned and was reminded of was that I am a Child of God...still am...always will be. I'm not perfect but I'm doing my best. He sees me and notices my efforts. There are things that I bring to the table, reasons why i am needed here. The Zone leaders asked me to bear my testimony at the end, right before President and Zr. Robinson gave their testimonies. Holy nerve racking! Thursday was the day that I was absolutely miserable and had a fever and now nervous to stand and bear my testimony. Well I got up there and I didn't feel sick anymore. I wasn't nervous. I just spoke from the heart. The spirit took over. Afterwards Zr. Robinson came up and gave me a big old hug and said in my hear: "You ARE enough. You ARE doing enough. You are here for a grand and marvelous reason, and will accomplish something great. I know what that is, but you need to find it for yourself. I only wish I was going to be here to see it happen." Oh man... I started crying... I again was hit with the spirit. It's been interesting because I want so badly to go out and get the work done. Go accomplish something. Yet, so far this transfer I have just been reserved to my humble abode. And as much as I want to go out, I am thankful that I have been given this time to honestly "fix me". I was struggling with my own confidence and knowing if can even make a difference out here. But there are things I need to learn that I wouldn't have learned if I was out knocking doors and such. The Lord has given me this time to realize that I am here for a reason, I can't do this alone. I need His strength and his support... it is HIS work. And I can't be an effective instrument if I am personally and physically not 100%. So with that, I've been studying alot and trying to build my confidence. I miss soccer! But I had this little mini revelation one morning during studies: The confidence I have in sports and on the field is no different. As I stand in the goal faced with a corner kick, a penalty shot, or just simply a shot...I'm on the line...it's up to me....and I'm ready. That feeling of panic/nerves builds up but I am excited and know that I can do it. That thrill that comes...absolutely no difference. Now I'm just on a different playing field. I experience all the same feelings when we knock a door, go into a lesson, or stop someone on the street. If I miss the shot...they reject us, or I make a mistake with Dutch... I get up and keep playing. So everyday when I put on my boots, I am putting on my cleats. When I put on my name tag, I am wearing my jersey. I walk out the door, I step on the field. I am on the Lord's team. I will give it my all. 100%. No regrets. Leave it all on the field. Remember why I fell in love with the game. With the gospel. Never stop playing the game. I know I am doing my best.... I will continue to do my best. Just playing a different game now. I hope you all are doing good, I pray for you every day. Hope to hear from y'all soon. Happy Easter! -- Zuster Young

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tender Mercies

Good morning! Oh boy I don't know where to even begin... this last week was full of great things, so I will try my best to get everything in here. Mandag: Started the week off with Zone P-day ad went to a park, set up our own field and played soccer. I can not even begin to describe how much fun it was... I walked away covered in dirt, legs scratched up, and covered in grass. Just like a regular day at practice. It was a much needed break and escape. I was Mo, in the goal just diving and sliding, yelling and in my own world. It was really great to just escape for a few hours. After soccer we had a lesson with Lynn. It was a great lesson. Last Friday she texted us and asked about the commandments and forgiveness. We studied like crazy that weekend to prepare for this lesson. How to answer it for HER and not a PMG response. It was like I was writing an essay with all my research and notes that I had prepared. So with the lesson, we answered her question and told her all of what we gathered for her. Then she did the talking. And at the beginning she was hesitant that she could go forward but by the end she had her answer. Lynn now has to choose. It was amazing to see the spirit just working in and with her; that she was changing in the lesson and coming to know for herself. I love Lynn. It is crazy how much you come to love these people. But what I find remarkable, is while I was studying for her, I had a pretty cool experience. Lynn is part of the reason why I am here in Antwerpen. For the both of us. As I've come to study and devote time to helping her, I've found answers dealing with my own struggles and to forgive myself for things in the past. TO feel God's love for her and do anything and everything I can to help her. She has helped me in so many ways. I can see God working in the details of her life... despite all her struggles and the battle she is going through. That God truly loves every single one of us. No matter what we have done, He is always there. He doesn't distance himself from us because of our choices, we distance ourselves. For people who are striving to change, to come closer to Heavenly Father, he is there every step of the way. If we allow Him to be. Dinsdag: Zr. Thomas got sick this day so we stayed home all day. Was a good day to clean and relax and I spent the day studying Brigham Young. Random yes, but I remembered an experience I had about a year ago at the Salt Lake Temple where I was encouraged to learn more about him. And I found a copy of the manual, Teachings of Brigham Young. What a cool experience I had, as I sat and studied. Learning of him and the man He was. He was such a missionary. My name tag says two names. "Jezus Christus" and "Young". Two of the greatest missionaries in history. SO now, am I doing everything I can to represent them well and bring good to their name? Woensdag: KILLER DAY! Dropped 2 RAD's, 1 other given lesson, 1 less active lesson, and gave away 2 Boek van Mormon. Just getting the work done! It was amazing to just see the Lord doing His work and us be the medium. Dinsdag: So this day was pretty crazy! Had a few lessons and then a dinner appointment. Just going about doing missionary work but then I owed the elders ice cream... another long story... but there is a McDonald's just around the corner from the church which was close to our dinner appointment. Since the elders were with us at dinner, afterwards we went to McDonald's and we got McFlurry's. Well while waiting.... I GOT KISSED! On the cheek... by a former, creepy investigator. It all happened so quick, I turned and he recognized me and BAM was right there. AWKWARD! Oh it was awful.. I walked away and Elder Muller is just laughing. ugh.. Vrijdag: Spent the night in Zoetermeer with Zr. Faa!! WE were up till 2 am talking and just laughing. Goodness I miss that crazy girl! Zaterdag: Sisters Conference at the Mission Home. Now that was an incredible experience. All the sisters in the mission were together, got to see Zr. Jones, and then my companions from the MTC. Such a spiritual and emotional roller coaster. I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot. Things I really needed to hear and just be strengthened. Missionary work is hard, and I'll be honest just struggling with confidence and confidence in my language. But at the conference I received some answers and I just need to work with Heavenly Father. Depend on him and he will can mold me and help me get to the missionary I came out here to be. To reach my fullest potential that he has in store for me. And I'm getting there. SO thankful for President and his wife! Just a great day! Also threw the football with our AP Elder Bosco! SO fun.... but my throw has gotten a little off. haha Zondag: Church was great. My favorite part of Zondag is dinner every week with the Schiltz. Best food ever, and as soon as I sit on the couch next to her she turns to me, "ahh Sister Young... how about some soccer?" and she puts a game on. Oh my lanta it was a great game!! haha But by the end of the night their home always truly feels like a temple and the spirit is strong, and I just never want to leave. I am so thankful for this week, there were a lot of tender mercies and miracles from the Lord. There is no place I'd rather be. I love you all and miss you. Have a great week! -- Zuster Young Waffles with my beautiful companion!
My bag broke... used an old one... it broke... but I fixed my first bag!
**This was in a separate email from Morgan... "Also, I got an application to Date a returned missionary in the mail... from a kid who is in Iceland from the MTC. oh my goodness. haha"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I don't even know what happened this week.

Goed Morgen! Hoe gaat het? Well not too much to say this week... It was a great week though. We are continually seeing miracles left and right. I love working with Zr. Thomas, she is an incredible missionary and companion. We both just want to get the work done, and loving the people. There was funeral this last week and we were asked to sing at it. So my first funeral (that I can remember going to) and it was honestly a weird experience. Very somber and sad. Most of the family is not members and it felt very sad. But I sat there and prayed. I was comforted. We soent that day at the church and just served the ward members did cleaning and such. Later that night we had a lesson scheduled, a member of the ward wanted us to go and teach his daughter. We had a weird situation that day... we get to his home and walk in... 5 missionaries walk in, followed behind us was 2 Jevhovah Witnesses, his daughter and his friend (so 2 non members) and then Vouter (a member). Oh man.. I was in a trio that day and neither those sisters arent even serving in Antwerpen.. So the control and such of the lesson was in my hands. I was so nervous and my confidence was just dropping. I couldn't understand what anyone of them was saying. The JDubs just wnated to bible bash... but I stepped in and said well we came today to share a message. And just went right into the restoration. My dutch is getting better, the spirit stepped in and took over. That was just such an interesting experience. Left two Boek van Mormon. and we will see what happens. Went up to Nederland and my boots just gave up on me. Boots are done for. But blessings! The Breda sisters had an extra pair of boots that have just been sitting in their apartment and they are my size. So no worries mom and dad! Found Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger pj pants! ahaha sorry for the simplicity of this e-mail and its kinda lame... Going to play soccer with the zone. And I just cant think of what happened this week. I hope you all are doing good. I pray for you all and miss you! -- Zuster Young

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Power of Blessing and Modern Medicine

Been a long week over here in Antwerpen. Started out with a beautiful and last Hooray P-day in Antwerpen with Zr. Jones but I got sick with a cold and fever. Had District Meeting on Tuesday in Sint Niklaas, still sick but functioning. Transfers the next day and I felt awful so I got a blessing from Elder Childs and Elder Reynolds. It was very special and exactly what I needed to hear. Was very nervous for transfers, taking over the city and a new companion. I'm no longer a greenie! Woohoo!! Trasnfer day was crazy business. I didn't have to do anything but it was still crazy. Got to the station at 10am and put Zr. Jones on a train and watched it go. Like a cheesy movie, but seriously it was rough. Anywho, sat at the station with the other missionaries in out zone until 2:15pm unyil the new companions arrived. Zr. Thomas is here! She is awesome, from Minnesota, also plays soccer and is musically talented. I am very excited to be working with her and feel like I am going to learn a lot from her. Already getting work done! Have had some incredible experiences. We received 4 referrals in the last 3 days. Went to Groenplaats to teach Hamode (the journalist) and he brought a friend with him. We sat on a bench nad it was funny, Zr. Thomas taught his friend and dropped a RAD. (RAD's are a restoration and doopdatum, an invite to be baptized on the first lesson) Then I taught Hamode the Plan of Salvation. Two lessons in one sitting and both very very positive! Taught a Muslim family and learned a lot. I love that as a missionary I can talk to so many different people, learn and share. Some people are firm in their faith, others are searching for something and others simply reject us. What I love is that, yes new investigators and baptisms are a goal, that is not our purpose. We invite others to come to know for themselves, open the door for them, and its interesting to see them start to think and for that time being we have brought them closer to Christ. The feeling I have after these kind of appointments is incredible...feel like to some degree I've fulfilled my purpose. We looked up a referral and holy cow... PREPARED! We dropped a RAD and she is so positive. She has studied and read LDS.org and she pretty much gave the lesson. Her friend was there, and every question she had Nathlie answered it and taught her the Law of Chastity right there. Just an incredible experience. Then on Sunday, this tiny little asain walked into the church and sat by me. She told me that she is an investigator, been taught by other missionaries but just moved to Antwerpen last Monday. She looked up the church and showed up herself. Now have an appointment with her this week! Wow. What a week. So thankful to still be here in Antwerpen and still nervous about it, but ready to get to work. I'm feeling myself change and that's all thanks to the Lord. Depending on Him has helped me to do all this. I love missionary work and being able to do this. I know God has a plan, just turn to Him and he will show the way. I love you all and hope you have a great week! Zuster Young

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

Hoi iederen! I hope everyone had a great week. This last week just flew by so quickly, its like it didn't even happen. But it was still a very great week. We got transfer calls last night... the verdict is: I'm staying in Antwerp another transfer! My new companion is Zr. Thomas (Zr. Faa's trainer!) I can not wait to meet her on Wednesday and start a new transfer. I have a good feeling about it. Surely going to miss Zr. Jones, but it's time, it is funny how the Lord kind of prepares you for these changes and lets you know in a way that you will be taken care of. So with that said, I'm excited! We had Zone Conference and it was phenomenal! We had a Sisters break out session and oh my goodness, I just love Zr. Robinson. She is so in tune with the spirit and just knew what I, what we all needed. It was a beautiful experience, and a confidence booster. These last couple weeks I've been brought to humility and to my knees on prayer to depend on the Lord. Know that I NEED him to do this, I have to KNOW him. So I've been trying to become the person and missionary the Lord has in store for me, he knows I can become. Its been hard, but I am making my way and already seeing some little changes. I think with this new start next transfer I will really grow. SO here in Belgium there have been a few t.v. programs about us missionaries here in Belgium. You should try and look them up! 1st: Iedereen Beroemd 2nd: Ja Jan 3rd: Fans of Flanders Try on YouTube... not sure if you can find them. But they are amazing and have been an awesome tool in our missionary work. We knock doors and they know us because they saw missionaries on t.v. But so we watched those, and then we watched Meet the Mormons. It was incredible, the spirit was so strong. I am a member of de Kerk van Jezuz Christus van de Heilige der Laaste Dagen. I am a missionary, apart of this missionary effort, trying to share the gospel with everyone. The Lord is finding ways to bring about His work and salvation that it is reached to all his children. I encourage you all to find little ways you can share what you believe with others, be an example. Be ARE watching and they notice the Light of Christ. Next, we went to Flanders Field Museum this last week. What an incredible and chilling experience. Unfortunately, we could not go to the trenches or cemeteries, we don't a car to get us there. Missionary problems and just on foot. The museum however, was the best museum i have ever been to. Thank you mom for the poem you send, took on such a whole new meaning. It was incredible to see pictures and videos of the First World War, here in Belgium. Places that I have walked the streets. To see what it was like. To hear music and poems and things written about the life of a solider. The rivalry between Tom and Jerry. The War came to live. Seeing maps, uniforms, bomb shells, bullets, grenades, tools, just to see it all was incredible. They have preserved it all so very well. The Christmas Truce, brought me to tears, as the videos and reenactments showed that cold night when all sides came together in singing and sharing their most precious things, oranges and tobacco. My favorite part was at the end, you typed in your last name and it had a list of all those who died and where they were from and their burial site. It was a somber and humbling experience. Just made me think of the many men and women in my own family who have been members of the military for generations. I have always been proud of my military heritage. I am the Daughter of a United States Marine. Once a Marine, Always a Marine. I am seeing the wars from a completely different perspective, and i cant imagine what it was really like. But I am thankful for the men and women who sacrificed their lives, stepping up to the call of duty and defending their nation, their family and freedom. I will never forget what I felt. Never forget where you come from. OOH RAH! I love you all. And I miss you all dearly. The Lord is working with us and he has a plan. His plan is perfect and his plan for me, and for you is perfect. Trust Him and work with Him. I pray you are happy and healthy. Have a beautiful week! Liefde, Zuster Young Flanders Field Museum, Ypres, Belgium
Eating African Food... And Cute old Zr. Nuijens who we visit every friday!
Zone Conference with Elder Lovin..... And then Zr. Jones and I eating dinner and this is what our lives have come to. We are people wathcing and commentating their situation and what they are doing. lets be honest I've always done that!
Of course, at my favorite place, The Schiltz home for Sunday dinner. and Me just doodling away like usual. Photo creds to Elder Childs.
**Here are links to some of the videos she referenced and a link to the Flanders Field Museum https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1567734370123253&fref=nf Ja Jan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNvZfWFb7hA&sns=fb Flanders Field Museum http://www.inflandersfields.be/en