Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I don't even know what happened this week.

Goed Morgen! Hoe gaat het? Well not too much to say this week... It was a great week though. We are continually seeing miracles left and right. I love working with Zr. Thomas, she is an incredible missionary and companion. We both just want to get the work done, and loving the people. There was funeral this last week and we were asked to sing at it. So my first funeral (that I can remember going to) and it was honestly a weird experience. Very somber and sad. Most of the family is not members and it felt very sad. But I sat there and prayed. I was comforted. We soent that day at the church and just served the ward members did cleaning and such. Later that night we had a lesson scheduled, a member of the ward wanted us to go and teach his daughter. We had a weird situation that day... we get to his home and walk in... 5 missionaries walk in, followed behind us was 2 Jevhovah Witnesses, his daughter and his friend (so 2 non members) and then Vouter (a member). Oh man.. I was in a trio that day and neither those sisters arent even serving in Antwerpen.. So the control and such of the lesson was in my hands. I was so nervous and my confidence was just dropping. I couldn't understand what anyone of them was saying. The JDubs just wnated to bible bash... but I stepped in and said well we came today to share a message. And just went right into the restoration. My dutch is getting better, the spirit stepped in and took over. That was just such an interesting experience. Left two Boek van Mormon. and we will see what happens. Went up to Nederland and my boots just gave up on me. Boots are done for. But blessings! The Breda sisters had an extra pair of boots that have just been sitting in their apartment and they are my size. So no worries mom and dad! Found Frosted Flakes Tony the Tiger pj pants! ahaha sorry for the simplicity of this e-mail and its kinda lame... Going to play soccer with the zone. And I just cant think of what happened this week. I hope you all are doing good. I pray for you all and miss you! -- Zuster Young

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