Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Start of Something New

Goed Morgen! Well I just don't know where to even begin with this e-mail! Last week I said "See you Later's" to Antwerpen. I really am going to miss that place and more specifically the people. Getting to work with and know so many people, they just take your heart. And Antwerpen definitely has my heart. But I know that is is time to move on, the Lord has a plan and now I am in Gouda. Last few days in Antwerpen: The last few days were crazy, going from appointments and all over the place. Went and saw Lynn, oh man that chick is amazing! Heavenly Father is truly working with her in her life. We also had a dinner appointment with Steffanny, from the ward. It was the best! WE sang a ton and ate FuFu! I hope she posted the videos. District Meeting on Tuesday was the most spiritual DM I've had so far. We just did a mini testimony meeting and then focused on spiritual gifts. Then sat around and told each other other peoples spiritual gifts. It truly was powerful, something that I definitely needed to hear before moving on. Then that night was a lesson with Ann. Again, she made us Thai food and made it all fancy because it was my last night. She is a sweetheart. The lesson was powerful and the spirit was so strong. I am thankful for the chance I had to be in Antwerpen, make the friends and relationships that I have now. I have learned so much from them, I hope I was able to help them in a way on their journey towards Christ. GOUDA- This town is absolutely gorgeous. As soon as we got back (which Transfer Day is nuts! Train stations are swarming with missionaries!) we dropped my luggage off, and went out to work. I am now in Nederland so guess what... BIKES! I am back on my bike, just cruising all over the place. We have been working hard, unfortunately about 90% of our appointments have fallen through so we have done a ton of door knocking. Yesterday we sat down and made a "Gouda Game Plan". So this project and game plan goes into effect this week. I am pumped. My new companion is Zr. Fredrickson, she is hilarious and a wonderful missionary. We get along great... its going to be a fun transfer. At church yesterday, there is a new family in the ward, went up and talked with them. The wife is from Germany.... and LOVES soccer. So we talked about that for 30 minutes and her husband had to come stop us. It was hilarious, he was joking saying this is going to be trouble with how fast we clicked. haha But this ward is wonderful. Small and friendly. I am really excited to just have a new start. I love you all, miss you dearly. Take care and know you are in my prayers. Liefs, Zuster Young P.S. We will have P-day again on Saturday b/c next Monday is Kings Day. Big holiday!

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