Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Lessons Learned

I have learned some valuable lessons this week: a) My companions biggest pet peeve is when people burp... yep you read that right. Well she has got the right companion for that..sike! If you know me, you know how proud I am of my burps. I have never been so cautious about burping before in my life. b) Met with the ZHV presidency to talk about the sisters. Well had a very greenie moment with the Dutch language. There is a sister who was in the hospital, and for 9 weeks now I have been spelling her name "Reetje"... well it is actually spelled "Reatje".. big difference. The way I had been spelling it means: "@$$"... Joyce was laughing so hard when she saw that, and she even called her husband Rick down to come look at it. Ah.. so embarrassing. c) When you go rent an OV-fiets (bike) make sure you read ALL the instructions and follow them. Or else you look like a stupid American with a helmet and setting off the emergency alarms. d) When you offer to make dinner for members, they love it!! Make them American food... bonus points! *But remember to be careful and know how to open a can; you may cut your hand and scare your companion by the amount of blood running down your hand. e) It is amazingly disgusting how much snot the body produces. As being a victim of this evil cold, I have been a head full of pressure and snot. mmm...lekker! Just constantly sneezing, eating cough drops, sounding like an 80 year old Dutch woman who has been smoking since she was 13! And it gets better... oh there is nothing better then biking with the rain coming down on your face, fighting against the wind and as you wipe your face, you get a sweet combination of rain and mucus! Gotta love it. When you sneeze and shoot snot rockets... you feel like a champion! f) I have the potential to be a undercover agent. I have no shame in looking in people's windows. So here is the story: Wednesday night we had Stake Leaders come to Lelystad for an outreach night. Christiaan and the stake president ran into a woman named Ursula. We were all confused because we thought it was the former investigator named Ursula. She had asked them for money, she had 3 kids to feed and had no money. They went with her to the store that night and got some food. Joyce (ZHV president) was asked by the Branch President to go buy groceries for a week. We went with Joyce to the store, and then tried to deliver them. Jensen and I had gone to this house the night before to meet her, confirm a time that we could come the next day. We went over around 730pm, here it looks like it is 10 at night. We arrive at the house and it is stone cold and dark. We go through the gate, which creaks. If the gate creaks you know there is a problem! All the movies testify of that! The doorbell doesn't work, so we knock. No answer... it was sketch! We leave. Saturday after shopping we arrive back at the house, with a weeks worth of food. Again no answer. Two houses down a man comes out and we ask him about the house on the end. There is an Ursula who lives there, but he hasn't seen her in a long time. Told us to try the next door neighbor, they know more. We tried the neighbor and also no answer. We were busy writing a note and trying to call. I had called and the voicemail said "You have reached the voicemail box of ________" and there was no name said but someone making weird clicking noises and then hung up. SKETCH! Finally just as we were about to leave the note the neighbor came out. I went up to her and asked about Urusla. Yep there is an Ursula who owns that house, but she lives with her mother. She has things going on, a bit crazy, and when we asked if she had kids, her eyes got all big. Nope no kids. Why give your address out? It was not the Ursula we all thought it was. And we got scammed!! But luckily Joyce and Rick have new groceries! g) I was asked to talk about having a balanced and healthy breakfast. at Zone Conference!... wrong person man!! I eat Cruseli for breakfast or just eat fruit!! h) We have been working with a family, Angelique and Nancy are cousins each having 4 kids. During the week we meet with and teach A & N and then we have been going over and teaching the kids. Yesterday we taught about Prophets... we taught them the primary song. It was funny! It might have been cheesy but the spirit was so strong! And i love that we always end on our knees praying, the kids take turns saying the prayer. Super sweet family. i) Charlie truly is wonderful! Making so much progress. She came to church yesterday!! She partook of the Sacrament for the first time in months! Met with the Branch President and then stayed for all 3 hours! By the end there was a subtle but noticeable glow about her. She seemed and expressed how happy she was. It truly was a blessing to see her like that. I know that there is power in the sacrament. I know that when we take the time to go to church, make the sacrifices we can to take that time with the Lord, we can truly be renewed. Each week is a new start. A new beginning. Meeting Charlie is always the highlight of my day. No matter where we are, we stop and pray. We can talk about anything. And that spot, become a holy place. I hope you all can find the time to pray and communicate with your Father in Heaven. He is waiting to hear form us. I know that he loves each of you. Take the time to find that for yourself. You are never too far from his love and guidance. I encourage you to go to church, come and see for yourself. There you can take the time away from the world. Even if for a small moment. It is a moment that will change your day, your week. I am thankful for the chance I have to be here and serve. To help see others feel that light and come to see the changes that the gospel brings. The happiness it brings. I truly love you all so much. I am so thankful for your love and support. I pray you have a great week! Stay Warm! -- Zuster Young Pday at Lelystad Natuurpark
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