Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Miracles and Mylie's Jinx

Prettige Kerstmis Iederen!! I hope that you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. This last week was incredible and saw many small miracles. We have one investigator and her name is Agnes. She is a single mom of one son and they are from Africa. Oh my, she is progressing beautifully and it is amazing to teach her, testify to her, hear her testimony and see her repenting and coming closer to Christ. She has a baptismal date set for 18th Janurai and she is so excited!! Christmas in Belgium... so beautiful here. Sister Jones and I got to tour the Centraal and went to the Antwerpen Catherdal. It always smells like waffles in the Centrum and with all the Christmas lights and music playing its incredible. Christmas Eve we spent it with Shilpa and her son Shlok who are from India. She made the best Indian food! Sister Jones and I also made christmas card to give to random people on the street and as we passed those out, seeing the smile on their face was the best feeling. Christmas Day was spent with all 6 Antwerpen missionaries with Nadia, and then that night with the Schiltz. They took very good care of us and fed us so much food. So here they have 2nd Christmas on the 26th. The zone got together and handed out clothing that we have been collecting to the homeless in the Centrum. We also ran into a woman, whose daughter served in this mission. Oh it was the funniest thing, she got so excited and bought us all Fanta sodas! So my little sister Mylie, you jinxed us! You asked if it had snowed here and I said no. Well Zaterdag moergen, we woke up to SNOW!! And it snowed like nobody's business ALL DAY! That day we went out to Duffel because we had an appointment. It takes 45 minutes to get out, got off the bus, walked through the town, over a bridge, through the other end of town and finally got to her neighborhood. All in the down pour of snow. We ring her doorbell and there is no answer. She is not home. So we decide to do some door knocking. Rejection after rejection my feet are frozen and I am hungry. But I tell myself keep going, just a few more houses. Rang a doorbell and a gentleman answers and I introduce who we are. He says he is Christian, we talk for a few minutes back and forth and then he brings his wife to the door. We continue talking at the door, and I gave away my first Boek van Mormon!!! He was interested and took it without hesitation. We got his information and will be going back. It was an awesome moment!!! Along with the snow we picked up our bikes once we got back to Merksem and rode them to Dirk & Cristel's house. Biking in the snow is quite the adventure. It gets in your eyes so you barely have your eyes open... and by the time we got to thier house I was so wet, freezing and couldn't feel my hands. Cristel took me inside put me by the fire, wiped me off and warmed me up. Before we left, gave me the best hat ever and new thicker gloves! (Today I am going to buy a new and thicker coat! haha) Oh man it was so rough. But now I am prepared and we rode home and that was so much fun. It was crazy but we were enjoying ourselves. So Thank you Mylie for wishing the snow upon us. I hope you all had a merry and wonderful Christmas. This Christmas was very special and I grew closer to my savior Jesus Christ, as I tried to find ways to serve others. Have a fantastic new Year! Love, Zuster Young

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