Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

On to the next one

And so a new transfer has begun... This is how I am looking at it: Now is my chance to really step up to the plate. I've been practicing and have had some time in the game but now it is up to me. I'm on the starting line up and its time to prove to the coach I CAN do this. All my hard work and preparation was and is for something. The rest of the game (my mission) depends on this play (transfer). I really need to step it up and bring it all out on the field. There was a different feel this time than from when I took over Antwerpen. I now have a younger companion and she is depending on me. Oh how the tables have turned! I feel the weight on my shoulders. Just trying to figure it out myself. This week about 98.99% of our appointments fell through. So woohoo loads of time to go out tracting! Met some very interesting people and learned some good lessons: A man who used to take the lessons many years ago and even went to the Open House of the Den Haag Temple. Yet he said himself, he chose to keep his life where it was at. I don't doubt that he experienced the spirit, how could you not by going to the temple? He caught a glimpse of what he could have but wast willing to leave his comfort zone. A gay man from IOWA! Anywho he knew exactly who we were, talked about how he too took lessons, had LDS friends and went to church a few times. But he too was too was comfortable where he was at. We are in the smack center of the Bible Belt in Nederland. So the majority of the people here have their own religion and when we come to the door defend themselves saying they know God, read the bible and claim that Christ is the fundament in their life. And a good percent of the time I believe them, i don't doubt them. What I don't understand is IF this is all true, then why treat us with so much disrespect? Why not be willing to listen for just a few minutes? Why not TRY to learn more about the man you claim is your foundation? People are just too comfortable in their lives and not willing to leave. Even if they have felt something. Cori de Groot- A lesson fell through so we went next door and knocked the door. A 76 year old woman opened the door, and as soon as that door opened we were hit with a wall of cigarette smoke. She immediately got defensive and claimed she wasn't religious. All of her family is either dead or have left her.. so why is she still here and where is God in all this? After trying to talk, testify, simply utter a word she continued to talk and ramble. But then she invited us in. We sat and talked, well mostly listened to her. She broke out in song a couple of times of songs she learned when she was kid in catholic school. Every concern, issue or event in her life that she mentioned I thought of where it could be addressed in the Book of Mormon. The whole time I listened to her all I could hear in my head was give her a Book of Mormon. Finally at a pause when she lit a cigarette, I puled out the book. Immediately she stared at it, and I bore my testimony and just followed the spirit. As I spoke, she put the cigarette down, leaned forward and was actually listening. She took the book. I saw her soften just from when she opened the door to when we said a prayer and left. It doesn't matter how old or young you are...YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD. He knows you perfectly. He wants to help you. You are never too far from Him. You just need to open up, leave your comfort zone, listen and then you will see and feel Him there. There is nothing to fear or worry about. I promise. I absolutely love this ward!! They are all so very supportive, make us feel at home. Our ward mission leader is very on top of things and very encouraging. We have had dinner appointments every night for the last 3 weeks and are set for another week! They acknowledge our efforts, hard work, they know how hard this area is and simply love and support us. Give advice and encouragement. Plus they keep me informed about soccer! BTW's: the Women's World Cup begins in a matter of days! SO this is very important... I am asking for a volunteer to be my personal SportsCenter and send updates! Alstublieft! Another thing, the USA Men's National Soccer team is playing the Netherlands this Friday in Amsterdam! Good thing I am not serving there or else we would be proselyting around the stadium! ha Anywho, Yesterday I unknowingly agreed to teach the Young Woman's lesson to our one and only young woman in the ward. I had no idea what to do! But it turned out great and I loved reciting the theme is Dutch! I miss young woman's so very much. I am so thankful for the leaders, their time, love and support for me through those years. Man so many things have happened, so many hours in the rain knocking doors! But not enough time to tell you it all. Thank YOU. Thank you for your love and support. It is what drives me when it gets hard. I am in the most beautiful and blessed country in the world doing the Lord's work. With you supporting me nothing can go wrong. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Have a great week! Liefs, Zuster Young
From the blog of Zuster Fredricksen: "Good bye Gouda! This was a beautiful place to serve with Zuster Young who is such hard working and amazing companion."

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