Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A 2 Coke Week

Where to even begin with this week...Just to give you an idea of what kind of week it was, I had 2 Cokes. And when you need a Coke, you know its been one of those days! We are already half way through this transfer! Can you believe it? This transfer is kicking my butt, I´ll tell you that much. Yet it has been a very humbling transfer. I am being brought to my knees and to earnestly rely on the Lord. Missions are hard. There is no sugar coating or excuses for it, they are hard and they push you to your limits. Yet it is a refiners fire, a process of growing up and change. So i am so thankful to be here and to be serving. So this week Aurora (17 year old investigator) got back from her vacation and has graduated! WOOHOO! She was gone for about a week and a half and she is on a baptismal date for THIS Saturday. So it was pretty crucial for us to meet with her and see whats up. We met with her and SHE STILL WANTS TO BE BAPTIZED! We have gone over all the lessons, we have gone over the interview questions and she is ready. Minor detail....She is a minor and she needs permission from her mother. With that said, it has been pretty crazy and nerve racking. Tonight we have an appointment with her and we will know if she has gotten permission or not. I have faith that it will work out and be okay. Just a tad bit nerve racking and exciting. I pray that all goes well. Another miracle...5 referrals this week! So in one form or the other blessings are coming from our hard work. Just gotta keep pressing forward! Next I just want to share something from my Journal. Friday my companion had to go to Brussels for legality things so I worked with two other sisters. We spent the day looking up referrals, so lots of travel time and talking. It was very nice and much needed. But by the end of the day this was what I realized... My mission has been hard, full of challenges and obstacles. I wouldn't trade this for anything. IT´s HARD. And you could sit and journal about how hard life is, how much your companion is driving you crazy, and you feel weak. I have my family and friends to write and I could unload and tell them everything. But why do that? I have a Heavenly Father who is always there and he wants to hear from me about it. No matter how hard it is, no matter how much i complain, cry, or whine. I am going to Him. I´m talking about my feelings, asking Him for help and working with Him. He understands, and because of Christ they know what I am feeling. This is their work. I´m his daughter, their instrument, a laborer in the vineyard. My strength to get through those struggles, rejections and rain come from Him. So why not go to Him? I don´t want to go to e/mail and complain or sound like I am struggling. Because honestly, everyday is a fight and there are always hard moments. But there is so much more. I am doing everything I can to find my Savior, to work with Him everyday. And to do that I must talk with Him about anything everything, then get up and do. I am walking with my Savior. I pray that everyone of you could search for Him, to get on your knees and find Him. He is there. I know because I have felt Him right beside me as I pray. Life is hard, but behind every obstacle is a greater and grander opportunity that the Lord is just waiting for us to discover. I know that Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ live. They are very mindful of you. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I love you all dearly! Have a great week! -- Zuster Young Pictures 1st is the day I worked with Zr. Fleming and Johansen. Second we worked with the Zone Leaders and well the lengths we go to to get a sticker. Lastly those signs are all over Gouda. For one of the local churches, they are doing workshops and such. Their faces crack me up... they are so confused. They need to Book of Mormon in their life!

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