Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Depending on Christ

I wish I had a video camera so y'all could see all that has happened this week. And mostly because I cant get to everything. This week was full of long hard knows, laughs and smiles, tears and utter joy. We saw a lot of miracles from contacting and just knocking doors. A few new investigators and potentials. But there are 2 things I really want to focus on... First: Wednesday was our lesson with Lynn and it was big. Last time we found the concern and Wednesday was the day to address it. We had a joint teach, Steffi who has become great friends with Lynn. So with the lesson we simply stated the commandment and what it entails. The Spirit just hit with the spirit and Lynn just cried. Steffi jumped to comfort her. 85% of the lesson was silent/ Steffi talked most of the lesson, which was helpful. (And to be honest I didn't say anything the first half of the lesson, just trying to follow their Dutch) It was a lot of sitting in the silence because you could see Lynn sitting there thinking and the Spirit working on her. I wanted to share a scripture, 1 Corinthians 10:13 and before I started reading I just started crying and then finally got to read it and bear my testimony. Then went back to my silence. The 3 of them talked more and more moments of silence. After a long pause Lynn was talking and I wasn't understanding anything! But she turned to me and asked me what I thought. I started to panic because I was lost but I trusted the Spirit and opened my mouth. It was quite awesome, dont know if she understood me or if what I said really helped. But she still wants to be baptized but knows this is going to be a long hard process. She is coming to know for herself and it is quite amazing. She thanked us for helping her find and walk on the right path. It's amazing what silence can do when you let the Spirit guide. I have no doubt Lynn will get baptized...just need to take it slow. Second: Agnes was baptized yesterday!!!!! Was incredible to see her glowing and be so happy. To stand on the other side at the top of the stairs of the font and watch her get baptized. I cant describe the feeling. To have been working so hard with her, to see a daughter of God who was lost, hurt, struggling and alone, to have seen the change in her life and the Christ encircle her and now baptized. It was beautiful. I now want that for everyone, more than anything! Funny thing was they forgot to start filling the font till after church so they started filling it with buckets. Was adorable to see her son Noah helping fill it. Also had 2 exchanges this week. Went to Brussels again. A goal this transfer I have was to give everything to the Lord and depend on him. As I have strived to do that and have made this His mission and His work. That is when I see the miracles and know our success is because we are working with Christ. Sorry this is short but wanted to share that with you all, we are having Zone P-day District vs District Indoor Soccer Tournament so time to go KILL! haha I hope y'all had a wonderful week and a good Valentines Day. I love you all! -- Zuster Young
Agnes' Baptism
Valentine's Day
Trip to Brussels

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