Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

100 Days a Missionary

As of February 5th I've been a missionary for 100 days! I didn't know that until my family sent a poster of "100 things we love about you!" Thanks you guys! It was awesome! I was laughing so hard. There was like 4 things written about Oreos..I miss Oreos. haha Well I celebrated this monumental moment with a spectacular week of missionary week! No surprise there, but this was a very good week. 1st: Veronica- Last Sunday we went to the hospital with a member to visit her friend. #memberreferral Veronica is in her late 40's and is incredibly sweet. She has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now and was getting ready for an operation on Thursday. We talked and shared a spiritual message with her, and she lost it. She just unloaded and the spirit was so strong as we tried to comfort her. Left a BvM and our card. Two days later she called and asked me if we could go to the hospital on Thursday after her operation. All of her family lives in Netherlands and her husband or fiance or someone is missing (she hasn't been able to get in contact with him) and she asked us to be there so she wasn't alone. US! We just met her and she asked us to be there. So of course we went. And then back again on Friday, we were there for hours helping her and just talking. Its crazy that in a week we have developed this relationship with her and have so much love for her. I love that we as missionaries can do anything. We can drop what we are doing and go and serve. 2nd: AGNES!! This woman.. ha oh my she is getting baptized this Sunday!! WE have been over at her house a lot these last couple of days and each has been an incredible spiritual experience. Saturday was her baptismal interview and she passed. It was so funny because she was acting like she didn't telling us next time and then she jumped up and yelled just kidding! (She is African so pretty crazy!) She was so happy! Best part was she cursed the devil...."F-word Satan. GO JESUS!" Oh my lanta is was the funniest thing. I am just so excited for her. She also said "You two are my guardian angels. You are children of God and when I see you I am so happy, I want to follow you. I am now not a lone and I am a child of God." Oh I was crying, I was so happy and touched and to hear her say herself that she is a Child of God. Just so happy! 3rd: Hamode- He is the journalist I contacted last week. We had an appointment with him on Saturday. We sat on a park bench in the middle of Groenplaats, the center of Antwerpen. He has no knowledge of Christianity so it was a bit of a challenge to be careful with our words (luckily it was in English) We taught the Restoration and answered his questions. You could see the lightbulbs turning on and it making sense to him. I extended the baptismal commitment/invitation to him...I was hit by the spirit. He said, "Yes, that is the point but I need to take this step by step." YES! It was such an awesome experience. While contacting down in Groenplaats I was leading the way and accidentally led us down a Red Light District! Oh my goodness it was awful and I felt so bad that I led us there. I had no idea... yuck! So random... I love peanut butter. I don't know what it is or what happened but I love peanut butter! We go through a jar every week (granted the jars aren't as big as the ones back home, but still). And I am choosing to eat bananas...Yes that's right mom I am choosing to eat with, with peanut butter and liking it! ha! This was a very good week, we worked hard! My dutch is getting better, still working on it but its better! Alma 5:45-46 "I know these things of myself." We must continually learning and reaffirming our testimony. Our testimonies are our greatest weapon in the fight against the adversary and ther world. I like Alma, know these things of myself. I will do everything in my power to share it with others. I love you all and hope you have a great week! Love, Zuster Young

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