Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Dutch Way

"So, Sister Young how is your last transfer going?" - Elder Stevenson (in the most sarcastic and holding back laughter tone I've ever heard) You guys this is getting harder and harder to do... I have no idea how to start these emails or what to say. So much is happening in each day and I wish to share it all with you! Yet I look back at the week and it feels like such a blur that I ask myself, "What did we even do?" Here is some of those highlights that stood out: Tuesday.... oh Tuesday was a day I wish we had one of those drone things everyone is talking about. Or a secret camera that captures the entire day. We had a lesson with a guy named Fari, he is from Iran and in his twenties. He has been living in Nederland for 3 years and converted to Christianity awhile back. We taught him a first lesson and he accepted the baptismal invitation. But to add to this, I am about 90% sure he was stoned. His apartment just smelled of weed, he was wearing a weed hat from Amsterdam. Afterwards Zr. Bybee was so excited for him and just loved how it went. Don't get me wrong, it was a sweet lesson. I just did not have the heart to tell her I was sure he was stoned. It is just way too common here. Anywho he left for work, and I realized i left my glasses in his apartment. He was really nice and left work so I could get them. Fast forward about an hour or so and we are biking towards our dinner appointment. Another appointment went long so we were biking as fast as we could to meet with the elders. The phone started ringing, I looked behind me and noticed my companion was a whole football field behind me (that happens too often, I just don't realized I go so fast) and as I turned back forwards, a car which had no intention of slowly came pretty darn close to hitting me. And not even 3 minutes later, still hearing the phone ringing in my bag, i lost control of my bike and hit a crack in the bike path. My life flashed before my eyes. My bike did this really cool trick where it pops into the air, does a 360 degree flip, throws you off and then crashes into the ground. I ended up in the bushes, luckily there were bushes or else I would have fallen down into the main road. What a scratchy soft landing. I also found the local dumping spot for drugs, needles, and etc. So that's good to know. I hope you are laughing... it was quick the trick. To make it better, just picture a sister missionary just sitting in the bushes, thank goodness I have a helmet... not moving for a few minutes not realizing what just happened and then she just dies of laughter... that was me. Funny huh? Oh wait it gets better... we keep biking. We meet up with the elders and we keep biking. So farther and what is ten minutes later, we go over a speed bump, yep they even have those for bikers. We go over and my chain falls off, completely off! Front and back. A stream of LDS missionary swear words come flowing out my mouth... I look ahead and my companion and the Elders are just laughing their little tails off. I try fixing the chain but I needed some tools, so we walked the rest of the way. That is when the question came, "Sister Young, how is your last transfer going?" Ya know, it is one I will never forget... Friday we had a lesson with Jonathon, he was a self referral. We met up at the church, with the elders, and gave church tour. My poor companion was not feeling so good and she went to the bathroom, not to come out till Jonathon was gone. She wouldn't leave, and I felt so bad leaving her there. It also was weird teaching a lesson with just the elders and myself.. Anywho, we walked around the building explaining, teaching the first lesson as we walked. Answered all of his millions of questions. Now it might have just been me but I was feeling the spirit so strong. It was going pretty good, but then at the end something switched. I could just see it in him. He got really mean towards me, nitpicked at everything I said and put words in my mouth. I just felt the spirit leave. He made a comment "You are pretty bold to claim to be the only true church." A feeling came over me, and it was a moment of clarity, something I can't quite explain. Yes, that is exactly what I am claiming. I know with every ounce of my being this is the one and true church of Christ, which was restored through Joseph Smith. And I was going to give everything I had to testify of that. He was not walking out feeling like he won. It ended up being very long and frustrating. But we did all we could to defend and testify. I also am learning that I am becoming truly Dutch. So that is exciting... And I want to thank you all for your love, support and prayers. Know that we are okay, doing everything that we can to stay safe. My heart and prayers go out to those affected by such tragic events. The Lord is with us. I am thankful we were able to celebrate Easter this weekend. To be reminded for fully of our Saviour and what he did for us. I know He lives. "Be still, and know that I am God." -- Zuster Young The aftermath of the bike tragedy and my expressions.
Zone Pday... Soccer and Ice Cream
Mission Leader Council Thursday, March 24, 2016
Presidents Van der Put, Bunnell and Van Beek
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  1. Mo! You crack me up. Sitting here laughing my head off at 3 am. Thanks for making me happy today. I can't wait to meet you in person. You are truly a gem of a person.