Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Baptisms and Wedding Feasts

Transfer Verdict: Staying in Turnhout, new companion Zr. Robbins (: Alright what a week we have had! Simply two events took place down here in Belgium: 1- Our beautiful Polish investigator Emilia got married on Saturday. We were able to attend this grand event. A Polish married a Romanian, in Belgium. Soon, there will be no such thing as culture! We will all become one! haha Anywho, she looked beautiful. SO many polish people, they are a loud and party some people. We first went to the Gemeente Huis for the official marriage of the law ceremony. And then we walked across to the Market Square to the giant cathedral for the church ceremony. That was pretty cool to see a Catholic wedding... interesting. Yet it was nice. But all in all it just reminded me of how much I want a Temple marriage. Now I am not saying that I am trunky and want to get married... alstublieft! But it was a testimony builder for me, that marriage is something of sacred value. Although the wedding was beautiful, there were distractions left and right. No one truly listened to the Priest. A Camera man was recording everything and was walking all over the place, in front of things and all over the church. It seemed and felt very man made. Are you picking up what I am putting down? It was sweet to be apart of a polish wedding and be there to support her. Who would of thought that coming to Belgium you would get to witness a Polish wedding? 2- The beautiful Ann was baptized yesterday! We traveled to Anterwerpen and there she was sitting on a table in the kitchen, trying to calm her nerves down. Yet she was so excited. As she was getting ready I saw many members from the ward, all of whom gave me a huge hug and were very surprised to see me! In all honesty I thought the ward wouldn't even remember my name, I was just a greenie. That was a long time ago. Maar kijk, my time in my first area hasn't truly ended. It has continued on my whole mission. I was sitting next to Zr. Boegarts, who put her arm around me and said: "Do you remember that dinner appointment we had a few weeks ago and you came? That was the strongest most spiritual moment of my life. Don't you forget it. (Points her finger at me and then motions towards Ann) That is why you are here. You are needed. Now if that is the only reason why, just know how important that is." I just started to tear up, the spirit hit me so strong. I realized in that moment that I have been an instrument in the Lord's hand. I haven't done anything, I have simply told the Lord that I will do his work and will. I strive to be worthy and functioning to be able to do just that. And because of that determination I have been blessed to see and feel Him work through me. That I can still be me and that is all he asks and needs. A mission is a very interesting things, with Zr. Bradley getting ready to go home, I have done a lot of reflecting as well. This has not been my mission to do the Lord's work. It has been the Lord's mission to do his work on me. I have no idea what the future holds. I have handed all of my wants and desires over. All the cords have been cut. I am here to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. How sweet it is, to see his sheep find their way. Thank you all for your love support. I have felt your prayers and thoughts, there have been very many weak moments but I was lifted. In those moments when I felt my Heavenly Father the farthest away, that was when I was carried. Thank you again. I love y'all, and miss jullie! Fijne week! -- Zuster Young
Selfie with the bride and groom.
The Hall entrance of the Turnhout Gemeente Huis... Turnhout birthplace of the playing cards.
Turnhout District- Zone Antwerpen Soccer Champs.
Antwerpen Sunday Walk.

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