Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Blue-42. Set. Hike.

Was traveling so much this week for Zone Conference, MLC, and a stake activity. Saturday was the Antwerpen Stake Family Day in Herentals. A huge sports and BBQ day. So you know I LOVED IT. Got to see the Antwerpen ward which was great! Spent hours playing soccer, and man these little European kids are ruthless! But I got some sick saves in goal! Man it was like a World Cup out there, with so many people watching and playing! The sickest pickup game of soccer! Later I found an American football sitting on the ground! What a beauty. So played catch with a couple Elders and then more elders came and next thing ya know we had a game going. Was fun to watch Belgian rugby players try to play and shortly after walk away. In any case it was a little piece of heaven and home playing football with the Elders. So what I mostly want to share with you this week is my notes and thoughts from Zone Conference, my studies, and my personal journal. We had a General Authority come to our conference. A stellar experience! Anywho the spirit took over my pen and I learned a lot, exactly what I needed. WARNING: Everything ends up being compared to sports! The key to success, whether personal or in the work, the key to success and happiness is obedience. Follow the white handbook, keep the commandments. It is there to guide and protect you. Those feelings of doubt, contention, frustration, and inadequacy, the influence of the adversary will be blocked and fought away by heaven's angels. Missions are great when they are H A R D. Don't drop out of the game because it's hard. Stay in because it is hard. Don't disqualify yourself because your have limitations. You have limitations to learn and grow. It is hard because you are now playing in the big leagues. You have made the tryout to play on this team, play this position. You have the talent to play but the coach also sees greater potential to be of more value to the team. Your talents will increase, your skill improve, your confidence be humble and mighty. Trust the coach. Don't sell yourself short or don't listen to the opposing team. Don't hide and be afraid. The coach believes in you and want you to use them. It is incredible to work with and talk to so many sisters. To see how different we all really are. How tailored the mission is specifically for us. That Heavenly Father truly is in the details. We have never needed to be perfect missionaries because we were where the Lord wanted and needed us. With the skills and talents of who we were at that time. Truly everyone's mission (life), has had a significant impact on or in their life, that has made them the person they are, who they are now in the midst of a refining process. Everyone has their own personal circumstances and difficulties. It may not be so obvious but everyone has a weight on their shoulders. Something on the inside. Everyone plays a role in the plan, has a position on the team. The coach is asking you to sacrifice for the team. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself to be part of the team 100%? Be the player who does his best, works hard 110% and does anything and everything for the his teammates, the coach, his supporters and the game. Your coach and teammates need you. They need you to work harder than you've ever had to work before. This is the time to prove if you're worth a spot in the big leagues. Help your teammates who are trying to make it. Help those who are learning the game. It is time to step out of the locker room. -- Zuster Young
The street I live on...
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Above.. That is the view from upstairs in our house where I write every night.

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