Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Belgium Baby

I am back! Belgium is very European and old fashioned. I feel like I am stepping back in time as I walk down the Streets. Turnhout is an adorable little stad. Okay I don't have a ton of time, so here are some of the highlights: Found a new investigator on Thursday, Debbie. We returned on Friday and she is a biker. Her apartment is covered and literally covered in tigers and Elvis Presley. In our one hour appointment there was 9 cigarettes lit and smoked. Oh so gross! But she is very faithful and we asked her to pray and she did, and then broke down in tears. Despite the cloud of smoke in her kitchen the spirit was there. Went to a Jesus Parliament Power Night (An African worship service) and it was unlike any thing else. Went back up to Gouda because Lucilene was baptized! This woman is Brazilian who married a Dutch man. She has been investigating for about 2 years now, never been able to get permission to be baptized. Well the pieces fell into place and the Lords timing stepped in. She asked me to give the baptism talk and share her favorite scripture: Alma 37:35-37. Was a beautiful and powerful baptismal service. Words can not describe the happiness that was felt. Even her husband came. So thankful for the opportunity to have known her, helped her and see her make the first step towards home. I hope everyone has a great week. I know this isn't very profound but know that I am alive. I am happiest I have been and working as hard as I can. Love you and is you! -- Zuster Young
Also, this an excerpt from Morgan's letter to us this week. In our family, everything can be related to a sports analogy. I love that she equates her mission to her experience on the soccer field. "I am finally feeling like missionary. It has only taken me 10 months to get here. My time is Antwerpen I was learning the language, learning to be a missionary, figuring it out ya know. Doing missionary things and having spiritual experiences and seeing miracles. Then I went to Gouda and that was my Gethsemane. Oh that was a beautifully hard place. That was my halftime, like in a soccer game, The coach gets in your face and tells you what you need to change and sets a new game plan etc. A time to figure yourself out and know how to win the game. Now I am back in Belgium and starting the second half. Recharged and ready to work. But now I have to get a feel for this half and just work hard. But the second half is Always the most exciting and rewarding part of the game. So I am finally feeling like a player, a part of the team and like a missionary. Not just doing missionary things, but am a missionary. This is who I am."

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