Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Transfer 1: COMPLETE!

I have made it a transfer!! Calls from President were last night and while we were at our (second dinner appointment) just hanging out at the Schiltz, we all had the phones on the table just anxiously waiting to get a call. And the verdict is.... Zr. Jones and I are staying together here in Antwerpen for another transfer!! WOOHOO!! I am so very excited and happy. Alright so this last week was one heck of a week. WE had 3 exchanges back to backm so from Tuesday to Friday afternoon Zr. Jones and I did not work together. I took on Antwerpen while Zr. Jones went to the other Sister Cities. It was a lot of fun leading the other sisters around my city, also very nerve racking because I didnt want to get us a lost. Which only happened once, and we werent really lost, we got on the right bus number just wrong direction. But thankfully we figured that out really quick and got off! Spent many hours door knocking again. On Wednesday I took Zr. Cowles out to Wijnegem for proselyting. The very first house we knocked the woman let us in and we talked to her about our church and gave a quick Restoration lesson. She is from Mexico, and we are going back this week to take a Spanish Book of Mormon to her! We got Agnes back!! We finally were able to have an appointment with her and after talking to her for a few hours and hearing what was going on, we got her back! The adversary was working hard and made her life last week very hard which brought her down and not ready to be baptized. Maar, all is well and she is set for a new baptismal date and she came to church. Also, met a family that is from the same place in Africa she is and they immeditaley hit it off! Now we have better support from the ward menbers. Lynn the JoVo! Okay I can not hold back my excitment with this one! So she came to church last Sunday like I had mentioned and we gave her a Book of Mormon. Well we had a lesson with her Friday evening. From Sunday to Friday she read all the way to MOSIAH 2!! She even was highlighting and told us that she read Isaiah from the Bible first then read the chapters in BvM. How incredible is that? We taught the Restoration and finally when it got to us talking about Jospeh Smith, I said the First Vision in Dutch. First time I ahve said it to an investigator in Dutch, and it was powerful moment. I felt the power and spirit so strong in that moment. We then asked her if she would be baptized and she got really emotional. We talked for a while and there are questions she is looking to be answered and then she is commited to a soccer team that plays on Sundays until April so she cant come to church every Sunday (which she was really disappointed about) but in the end said that baptism is what she wants. Oh my I was so happy! The best lesson thus far! And she is the coolest person! Went to Brussles to start my legality papwework for Belgium...now that ive been here 6 weeks. haha but the best part was I saw SISTER FAA!! I saw her walking in the station with evertyone else and I just ran across the train station to hug her. Man do I miss her. It was fun seeing her and being in Brussels for a bit! Went to Turnhout on Saturday to work the Sisters there. Saw Girl Scouts! They were walking the streets and singing songs...they were super cute and made me miss Girl Scouts. Also, we had a lesson with a gentleman named Issac. That lesson was increedibly powerful and the things we talked about were serious and oh man the spirit was strong. I cant describe it, as I talked to him I felt the power of the Spirit working through me. Another thing, Zr. Castro and I stopped by a WWF table to talk to the girls there. The girl with the red hair and I were talking and she was explaining what she was doing and then I explained to her. Half way through she stopped and started speaking english because she heard my accentm but then said that ny FLEMISH is really good! Oh compliment of the week! Things are great and moving forward. Oh and I have a flat tire... so gotta go get that fixed! But other than that I just love it here! I love the people and the work. Something I have learned this transfer is to pray. Pray ferevently. Pray with Faith. And just turn to the Lord in Prayer. I love you all, I miss you dearly. Tot Maandag! Zuster Young

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