Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, December 14, 2015

This is Goodbye

Dames & Heren, I am being transferred... I will be leaving Turnhout and reporting to Lelystad, Nederland on Wednesday. To say that I am heartbroken is an understatement. Turnhout is the Promised Land. These last 3 transfers have been the hardest months of my whole life, but along with that the greatest. These people, the members, the street I live on, the Belgian Funk... oh I am bringing myself to tears just thinking about it. My time in Turnhout has been a life changing expereince and I know that the Lord is in charge. Good to know that he has a plan for each of us, that brings me great comfort. I am eternally grateful for the Turnhout Branch who have taken me in as their own child. Who have taken such good care of us. I am thankful for the little primary kids who have changed me life and helped me see why I am a missionary. And so onto new adventures in the Lelystad with Zr. Watts. Grapjes voor de week: - Tuesday we set out to look for a referral and we ended up getting lost, on all the wrong buses. Several people noticed we were lost and helped us get in the right direction. Ultimately we ended up walking a total of 5 kilometers in the middle of nowhere, I felt like we stepped through a time machine and were walking through an abandoned 1950's European town. We eventually made it to Eveliene's house and she was waiting for us and is accepting the gospel. The walk was worth it. -Contacted a former investigator, Flip. We asked if there was anything we could do for him and he asked if we liked grapes. He works for a place that delievers food to the needy and he had a ton of left overs. So short story short we left with 4500 grams of grapes, 3 bags of oranges, 500 grams of butter, 6 eggs, and 4 things of pizza dough. Eet smakelijk! -While waiting for our ride to a dinner appointment at the station, we started talking to this couple from Afghanistan. They have been here for a month, with the most adorable 2 year old son. We were playing with him for a bit and before we left, we gave us a kiss on the cheek! -"Je spreekt HEEL goed Vlaams!" mission complete! We were sitting on the bus heading home after zone conference. we sat across from these women who were deep in their conversation. Clearly they thought we couldn't understand them. When after about 30 minutes an older couple sitting on the other side pointed out our nametags and we began to speak to them in dutch! The look on those women's faces... priceless! They both just realized thier private conversation was not private, we understood every word. And they said we spoke good Flemish!! Yes.. i have been working for that for a year now! -Friday we returned to our apartment after a dinner appointment and we were on exchanges... I locked us out! So we had to call the Zone Leaders to come let us in. Keep in mind it is already 9pm. So we waited in the pouring rain for 45 minutes till they came. I had to pee so bad! I was dancing all over the place and when I couldnt hold it anymore I ran across to a neighbor and aksed to use thier bathroom. And that is how I met Piet, our neightbor. He is a really nice guy. Has a beautiful house. He just kept laughing at me. Literally two minutes after I walked out of his house the Zone Leaders pulled up. Of course... Well there are just some of the funny moments from this week. It was a good week, a bit slow in regards to the work but hey you have those weeks, toch? I just want to share one personal moment I had this week. One morning when I felt like I just couldnt do this anymore, I read something: "When Joseph Smith first called the missionaries to England he had a vision. He saw these missionaries standing outside with thier heads down, discouraged, depressed and crying. But Joseph saw the Savior standing in thier midst weeping with them. But they did not notice because thier heads were down." Then this thought came to mind: "Zr. Young your Savior loves you. He is in your midst and he weeps with you. You are doing what you are supposed to be doing. The Lord loves you. Just look up and see it." Now I know that is easier said than done. But I promise you that no matter what is going on there is one person standing next you, bearing it with you. And that is the Savior, Jesus Christ. We may turn from him, but he is still there. We may feel that he is hidden from us because of the cloud cover of our concerns, but he is still close to us. We-not he- let something come between us, but no lasting eclipse need ensure. Our disregard of him is NO match for his love. I pray that we may be better at just looking up and seeing him in our midst and feel of his love. I know I am working on that. But I know we only fail if we fail to take another faithful step forward. He is there to guide our steps. I know, because he has guided my steps and made sure I knew he was listenting and with me. I love you all, thank you for those who have helped with Madison's gift for me. I love it! Hope you have a wonderful week! Enjoy the crazy photos! -- Zuster Young
Bro day with the Zone Leaders.
This is Isa, a 6 year old girl in the Turnhout Branch. Every Sunday she reports to us where she is at in the Book of Mormon. Updates us on her mission preparation. She is determined to become a missionary. So she drew a picture of us becoming a tricompanionship.

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