Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hitte Heeft ons in de Greep: Holland Bakt

Hoi! Well not a lot to say this week so here is what I got to share: Got my bike stolen... yep Gimpy is gone. There was a thief in the night. So that has put us in a bit of a crazy situation with trying to get to places. But lucky there are 28 elders going home this week and Elder Sudweeks has offered to give his to me. All I had to do was buy him chocolate. Hottest week of the year here in Nederland. I felt like I was at Girls Camp... humid, sticky, and sweaty. There is no AC here so that's fun. Got to spend 15 hours alone of knocking doors, walking outside this week. That is not including the times we were in a lesson. So needless to say I got a shade or two tanner this week. My feet are blistered up and have 3 shades of a tan from my shoes. Because fo the heat something melted on the train tracks so we got stuck out in a small town in the middle of no where. So we walked and worked. Went to go cool off and get some lunch but again no AC, so we were sitting in this cafe and sweating more in there than we were outside. The food was hot and not all that great. We ran out of water... But some cool things did happen: Went to Kinderdijk with Familie Teske and that was gorgeous! Tour de France! The race came right by our apartment and church building!! So we stayed after church with some of the ward members and watched it. Well we waited for about 2.5 hours. So much excitement and anticipation and finally when they came it was over and they passed by in a matter of seconds! It was crazy. But when will you ever be in a small town in Europe that the Tour de France happens to be going through. It was a huge deal and so much fun! Transfer results: Staying in Gouda with Zr. Romney for another 6 weeks!! The elders area is getting closed so we our area just doubled. I am excited, this will be good. So happy to hear about the USA winning the World Cup. All is right in the world now! I love you and miss you all dearly. Have a great week! -- Zuster Young

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