Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Too Many Peppers

First of all, sorry for the lack of photos this week. My card reader has seemed to disappear and I can not find it. And so I have no other option of connecting my camera to the computer! Sorry! Hopefully I will find a solution. Now as for the week.... It was a tit bit nippy.... sorry I had too. I couldn't resist! But for reals though, the temperatures dropped this week! Up north it was so cold and rainy that the streets froze over and everything was closed. And what do the Dutch do? Everyone ice skates through the streets! I think that is pretty sick! This last week was freezing, and very, very wet. Wore so many layers and then had to change a few times because we were just so soaked. All of our heaters were covered in our clothes. And there was a member warning us that is was estimated to snow this Friday. She was warning us like a Zombie Apocalypse was coming. So we are ready! However, we have been every lucky this winter, it has not been very cold, it has felt like Autumn. I can't complain... just biking in this crazy freezing rain and wind is rather difficult! It feels like my glasses are freezing to my face! Okay enough about the weather...sorry! I do not really know what to say about this week. We are busy! My planner has never been so full of appointments. To be speed biking from one house to the other. It is like we are training for the Tour de France! It is quite incredible I think, I mean sure I am exhausted! However it is a good kind of exhausted! I am starting to like Lelystad, I know, I know we are going on my 4th week here. There are some fantastic people here, so much potential. And because of that I have no idea where to begin or what to say? This week we worked more with Less-Actives. Some were in the hospital, some were sick and others just needed a visit. Now something about Lelystad... there are so many sick people here. I would like to estimate that 90% of the population has something wrong. Just everyone we come in contact with, so many of the less-actives, all have health related issues that keep them back. Maybe that is why I am here, send a crazy person to the crazy people! haha grapje... but there are some really great people here. We had two lessons with Sophia this week, both times she ended up making us food. Nigerian food is SO spicy! The first lesson we had, that plate of food was way too spicy. I could not finish the plate. Watts and I were in tears, blowing our noses. The first time in my whole mission I was not able to finish the plate of food put in front of me! Crazy! But the next time it was still spicy but not as spicy, she protected us a little.. They just laughed at us. Silly white people... We had several good lessons this week. My time here, yes it has only been a month, but I am truly feeling the Lord's hand in the work. Being magnified and saying all that he wants me to say. I am trying my best to feel like I belong here in Lelystad, to know how I, Sister Young, can help these people. I pray and pray, so much of my attention is on these people and I still feel some sort of disconnect. When we plan, I feel like my channel to the spirit is fuzzy and have no idea what these people need. I don't quite understand, in all honesty it is frustrating. I just want to serve these people. I feel such a love for them, but feel like I am just going with the flow. Yet, the twist to all of this is, the moment we sit in a lesson. We begin talking the spirit takes over. I can feel him guiding my thoughts, telling me when to talk and when to just listen. To know what to say. To be so open and personal with these people. And so for that, I just have to trust the Lord and I am here for a purpose. And maybe this is not something we can just plan. They are people, I am not one to force the gospel on people. You have to know that their personal needs are. You have to know them, do you know what your neighbor likes and dislikes? Do you know how they prefer to recieve love and help? Is it through words or actions? You have to trust the Lord, the spirit, your own self that you can make a difference. It may come over time, but it will come. You just need to show up each day, at the edge of the field, ready to throw in your sickle and do the work. I know that if we make ourselves available, the Lord will make us capable. He loves us, he loves your neighbor, the person you see across the street. Let Him in and guide your life. Hope you have a wonderful week. I love you all! -- Zuster Young Also I just got an Email from Aurora (investigator from Gouda, she moved to New Zealand) and she got baptized!!

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