Zuster Young

Zuster Young
Zuster is Dutch for "sister", which is a title used for female missionaries.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How Beautiful

I am so thankful to be staying in Turnhout. This is the Promised Land... okay maybe not exactly but it is so full of potential! This week we had a dinner appointment with Zr. Smets, who is the first baptized member of Turnhout. Well last transfer when I got here she was in a mist of darkness. All of a sudden losing faith and her testimony. We met with here weekly. To begin the lessons were really hard but through out the transfer we saw that flicker of light gradually grow. It was at our dinner appointment that we saw the full 360 turn from when I first met her and it is amazing to see how she has conquered her weaknesses and overcame the darkness. Just in 6 weeks. How beautiful the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I got myself a new companion..Zr. Bradley. And I can promise you that these things are inspired. I was really nervous to get a new companion but as soon as I met her at the train station, all nerves went away and I knew that I had nothing to worry about. Was very cool to have the spirit sweep over you and confirm even little details of things like that. This is her lst 6 weeks we are going to just tear it up here in Turnhout! Turn up in Turnhout! haha (: But for reals, I am amazed at the fast "click" zegt maar that we have. Zr. Bradley is exactly the companion I need right now at this point in my mission. How beautiful the inspiration from on high. Few Miracles: We have a new baptismal date, Mia! An investigator for about 3 months and has a date for the 7th of November. A married couple, Ramone & Tamara: Ramone finally committed to read the BvM and now they are both thinking about baptism. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are building the 5th Stake in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission. This has been a mission vision since 24 March 2012. When I came into the land there was still needed some 300 baptisms. Friday night after our dinner appointment with President Van Gijsel and his family, he drove us home. He is the Branch President and hr explained the following: The decision for the location of the 5th Stake has been decided. It will be in Belgium. We have reached the required number of priesthood holders. Now the next goal is to turn the branches into wards. Since I have been in the land 2 or 3 of the branches in NL have accomplished that. Turnhout is 5 baptisms away. Gent, BE is just as close. And once these baptisms are reached, then the process of organizing a new stake will take place. So within the time that I have been in the land, almost 300 baptisms have been reached. I don;t know about you but I think that is amazing. It helps me to see that efforts are not going unnoticed. Yes you may be out in a little area with just your companion but we are players of a much bigger team. Working together, playing a bigger game. We are building Zion in Belgium and Nederland. That gives me a renewed sense of purpose. I love Belgium. For reasons I just can't truly explain, I have felt this love and connection, zeg maar, to Belgium. I am thankful that I have been able to work 5 and hopefully more transfers in Belgium. This place has got a hold of my heart. I am honored that the Lord has enough trust and faith in me to be a player in such a big game. In my time here, if I work hard enough, I could just might see this 5th Stake. How beautiful the work of the Lord. General Conference: WOW. Alright well I could talk for hours about the things that I learned, felt, and about the notes I took. And if you know me, I took a ton of notes. But I will spare you my ramblings and share something simple. This conference was a special experience for me. I went with a couple questions and feelings. And within the first session they were addressed and answered. With these answers and personal revelation I prepared new things to take to the next session. The same occurred. And this I did for each session. I don't think I have cried so much during an entire Conference weekend. Now that is not the point, the point is this, as I looked back at my notes, and how I was feeling, every single talk went back to the same thing and all built on each other. I didn't hear the topic of the speaker, I wasn't writing down the pretty and cool things they were saying. I was hearing the voice of the Lord, feeling the spirit and writing the things that came from them through these speakers that were just for me. For me. Conference turned into a sacred experience. If you missed conference I encourage you to go watch it. Watch it with an open heart, questions, concerns doubts and I promise you that you will receive and answer. That the Lord will communicate to you. Personal Revelation is real, it is tangible and it is for you. The Lord knows you, and even the tiniest of details of your life. So go to Him and the path will be revealed. How beautiful the spirit of the Lord. I hope this week you feel that love. And to see how beautiful you are your Heavenly Father. -- Zuster Young

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